Privacy policy


1 Client Identification Program. The law requires all financial institutions to participate in the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorist organizations by obtaining the identity of all their customers, and checking and recording this information. Therefore, we may ask you to provide your personal identifying information. We can also see, by legal means, other sources for information about you.

2 Controls and audits. To confirm your identity, we will verify the home address and personal information. We may also disclose your personal information to a credit bureau that is likely to retain the information. However, this process is intended only to confirm your identity and will not give rise to any credit check or credit evaluation. All information you provide will be treated securely and strictly in accordance with the law on protection of personal data.

3 By accepting these terms, you authorize us to conduct any investigation we consider necessary to validate the information provided. To do this, we can proceed directly, requesting additional information from you, asking you to confirm ownership of your forms of payment or your e-mail address; or indirectly, by verifying your information with third-party databases; or through other sources.

4 Data Privacy Policy. You agree that we treat your personal information to provide the service, including for verification under this article. You also agree that we use this data to contact you and for legal purposes, accounting and archiving. You acknowledge having read and accepted the Privacy Policy of the Squares Union data.

5 Disclosure at the request of the authorities. We may be legally required to provide the government and any competent authority with information about your person and your transactions, in accordance with our data privacy policy. Hereby, you acknowledge and accept our right to do so.